Maa Baglamukhi

Maa Baglamukhi

Maa Baglamukhi Mandiram - Maa Baglamukhi herself resides in Shree Yogini Peetham. More than 33 million Mantras of Maa Baglamukhi have been preserved by performing many consecutive rituals by many capable seekers.
During Chaitra-Navaratri Sanvat 2075 (March - 2018), during Rashtra Raksha Mahayagya,at Delhi-based famous Red Fort Ground,11 crore Maa Baglamukhi’s Mantra recitation was performed and is dedicated to her holiness Maa Baglamukhi herself. The direct experience of Maa Baglamukhi is visible only by her sight, the seeker immediately connects with her. A power circle is surrounded by Shri Vigrah, which draws on itself many difficulties of life such as physical and emotional distress. Economic, social and political problems are resolved very quickly by Maa Baglamukhi’s blessings. Due to Maa Baglamukhi’s grace, seeker is relieved from all sorts of problems and diseases. The devotee triumphs over lawsuits and succeeds in quarrels and competitions.

The human creature constantly desires to know all the hidden mysteries of nature, in addition to the gross-subtle visual spectrum of the broad world, all the mysteries of nature, and the desire to know about its creator and regulatory power and the continuous desire to know this keep intacts within them.For the same purpose people are engaged in spiritual research in accordance with their interests, according to a variety of religions, doctrines. Most people spend whole life in religious activities, in which only few successes are achieved, the rest do not feel anything except disappointment.

Nothing can happen due to failure, but it is certain that no action can be achieved without proper direction and right guidance. There are many perspectives of worship, in which all the techniques of meditation are called Tantra-Shastra.

In the Shakta-system, the sadhana of Kali-Tara etc. and 10 Mahavidyas has been well-known. Among them, Maa Baglamukhi bless her devotees and gives direct results.Maa Baglamukhi is Goddess of Stambhan. Maa Baglamukhi is the base of entire universe. She is the supreme power.

Apart from Planet Earth,the visible constellations, the stars, the Sun-Mooni are all stabilized in their position due to the power of her holiness Maa Baglamukhi.

The sadhana of Maa Baglamukhi purifies seeker's mind and life. Chakras are awakened. The seeker is pleased to receive the state of the samadhi. Maa Baglamukhi gives very quick and direct results in Kali Yuga. In relation to worship of Maa Pitambara Baglamukhi, some myths and illusions have been spread by the ignorants in the minds of the people, like-
1 - This is done only to win over enemies, cases in court etc.
2 - The Pooja of Maa Baglamukhi is very complex and difficult, that it can only be done by a particular person.
3 - This practice can have an adverse effect, causing the seeker to suffer problems.
There is absolutely no truth in these facts. But it is true that a sadhana done without knowledge and proper guidance may not have fruitful results.
Maa Baglamkumi is Shri Lalita Tripur Sundari’s part and an integral education i.e. she herself is Shri Vidya.
''मंगला शोभना शुभ निष्कला परमाकला।
विश्वेश्वरी विश्वमाता ललिता हसितानना।।''

Maa Baglamukhi is said to originally manifest from the side of Lord Vishnu. Therefore, she is Vaishnavi.
''रक्षोहणं वलगहनं वैष्णवीमिदमहं तं बलगमुत्किरामि''

In this mantra of Yajurveda, Maa Baglamukhi is prayed for providing protection from all evils. Maa Baglamukhi is worshipped by Brahma, Vishnu, Rudra and Indra. She is Brahma-Vidya. Maa Baglamukhi’s devotee receives all happiness and power through her blessings. Dhanadhyaksh, Dhaneshi,.... Dhanada,Dhana. Raj- Rajeshwari...all these names of Maa Baglamukhi automatically proves that Maa’s devotees receives happiness and prosperity.

May Maa Baglamukhi bestows her blessings on you. Be successful- Be Happy!

Pujya Pad Parivrajkacharya Sarvatantra Sarvagya Nigamagam Tantra Parin Shree Yogini Pithadheeshwar Anant Shree Vibhushit Bhram Rishi Yogiraj Shivswarup Jagadguru Paramhansa Swami Shri Shiv Kumar Ji Maharaj.

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